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Fall 2013 Makeup trend: Bronze

16 Oct

Is your big day this fall?  Are you having an engagement party? One trend I am loving for this fall is bronze.  I am seeing it worn 2 ways.  1. On the lid.  A beautiful bronze smokey eye paired with a perfected skin tone, nude lips and barely there blush is a great update to everyone’s favorite eye makeup look and a chic way to embrace the season.  2. bronze lip. This is a flattering look on all and easy to apply.  Pair a bronze lip color with dewy perfected skin and barely there eye makeup. I love toasted lip crayon it’s easy to apply and long lasting. If you have thin lips try a lighter brighter bronze and highlight around the lips to accentuate your pout. For larger lips I suggest going with a darker shade.  If you would like more info or a complimentary makeup lesson to help you achieve this look please call 817-821-9197 to schedule your appointment.


Products I suggest:

Toasted lip crayon: http://www.marykay.com/Christinaplaistow/en-US/Makeup/Mary-Kay-At-Play/Mary-Kay-At-Play-Lip-Crayon/200560.partId?eCatId=11836  This lip color is easy to apply and lasts all day,

Facial highlighting pen: http://www.marykay.com/Christinaplaistow/en-US/_layouts/MaryKayCoreCatalog/CategoryPage.aspx?dsNav=N:10010 Particularly shades 2 and 3.

Amber Blaze mineral eye shadow: http://www.marykay.com/Christinaplaistow/en-US/Makeup/Eyes/Eye-Shadow/Mary-Kay-Mineral-Eye-Color/Amber-Blaze/130802.partId?eCatId=10021


Want to buy Made in the USA?

10 Apr

Want to buy more Made in the US brands to support manufacturing jobs in the US?  Did you know that Mary Kay manufactures it’s cosmetics in Dallas TX right here in the USA? Manufacturing jobs are so important in to the growth and stability of the US economy!  When you purchase Mary Kay cosmetics you are not only getting the number one skin care and cosmetic brand in the US and supporting your beauty consultant- a local independent business owner but you are also supporting manufacturing jobs in the US!  How awesome is that?


Don’t have and independent beauty consultant yet? I am happy to help! Feel free to call me at 817-821-9197, shop with me at http://www.marykay.com/christinaplaistow or message me here.

Video 6 Apr

Excellent contouring lesson.

If you’d like a private lesson and you live in the DFW area please call me (817)821-9197 or shop with me at http://www.marykay.com/christinaplaistow

Bridal couture.

30 Mar

Photographer: Dave Newkirk
Model: Katie Klien

This is hands down one of the best shoots in my bridal portfolio.

Great shoot today!

30 Mar


This is me touching up the model on location today for Chris Keever gowns.