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Fall 2013 Makeup trend: Bronze

16 Oct

Is your big day this fall?  Are you having an engagement party? One trend I am loving for this fall is bronze.  I am seeing it worn 2 ways.  1. On the lid.  A beautiful bronze smokey eye paired with a perfected skin tone, nude lips and barely there blush is a great update to everyone’s favorite eye makeup look and a chic way to embrace the season.  2. bronze lip. This is a flattering look on all and easy to apply.  Pair a bronze lip color with dewy perfected skin and barely there eye makeup. I love toasted lip crayon it’s easy to apply and long lasting. If you have thin lips try a lighter brighter bronze and highlight around the lips to accentuate your pout. For larger lips I suggest going with a darker shade.  If you would like more info or a complimentary makeup lesson to help you achieve this look please call 817-821-9197 to schedule your appointment.


Products I suggest:

Toasted lip crayon: http://www.marykay.com/Christinaplaistow/en-US/Makeup/Mary-Kay-At-Play/Mary-Kay-At-Play-Lip-Crayon/200560.partId?eCatId=11836  This lip color is easy to apply and lasts all day,

Facial highlighting pen: http://www.marykay.com/Christinaplaistow/en-US/_layouts/MaryKayCoreCatalog/CategoryPage.aspx?dsNav=N:10010 Particularly shades 2 and 3.

Amber Blaze mineral eye shadow: http://www.marykay.com/Christinaplaistow/en-US/Makeup/Eyes/Eye-Shadow/Mary-Kay-Mineral-Eye-Color/Amber-Blaze/130802.partId?eCatId=10021