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Want to buy Made in the USA?

10 Apr

Want to buy more Made in the US brands to support manufacturing jobs in the US?  Did you know that Mary Kay manufactures it’s cosmetics in Dallas TX right here in the USA? Manufacturing jobs are so important in to the growth and stability of the US economy!  When you purchase Mary Kay cosmetics you are not only getting the number one skin care and cosmetic brand in the US and supporting your beauty consultant- a local independent business owner but you are also supporting manufacturing jobs in the US!  How awesome is that?


Don’t have and independent beauty consultant yet? I am happy to help! Feel free to call me at 817-821-9197, shop with me at or message me here.

Video 6 Apr

Excellent contouring lesson.

If you’d like a private lesson and you live in the DFW area please call me (817)821-9197 or shop with me at

Why Mary Kay?

2 Apr

I have taken off the last couple of years off to work on other artistic endeavors.

I have always been curious about Mary Kay for a long time but too much of a product snob to try it.  Oh boy I wish I had gotten over myself sooner!

A few weeks ago one of my daughter’s classmate’s mother called me to ask if I would participate in the Mary Kay biannual makeover contest (which is still going now- message me if you live in the DFW area and are interested in participating).  She said that if my entry was chosen that I would win a $4000 donation to my favorite charity.  I was really curious about trying Mary Kay and I have always dreamed of being a philanthropist. So I said yes. (other prizes include a $4000 dream vacation and a Badgley Mischka purse).

I tried the product and I fell in love.  I have been trying a lot of other products in the last couple of years. I have been looking for a beauty line with a reasonable price point and major benefits. Being a product snob was a double edge sword.  It took me way to long to try Mary Kay but when I finally did I recognized the high quality instantly.  I am a Mary Kay customer for life! She asked me if I liked anything I tried and I asked her how to sign up to be a consultant.